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It’s easy to imagine Netflix being the dream integration here, but it’s not clear that a controlling service like Netflix would be interested or even able to make such a commitment.Cabana launches on i OS today in the United States and will come to Android in a few weeks.That may be an important goal for the company: the research firm e Marketer pegs Tumblr’s US users at around 23 million — a third as many as Instagram, which launched three years later.The firm believes Tumblr’s user growth is slowing, which isn’t a great sign for a once explosive network.

“I mean sure, we're always looking at everything we launch as an opportunity to reach more people, be meaningful to more people,” he says.Then in the past couple months, it was brought under Tumblr’s umbrella.Karp wouldn’t say whether Cabana and Tumblr would integrate at any point.“When I saw [the app for the first time], I said, ‘Shit, I can't believe you actually can't do this yet,’” says Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp.“Yeah, you can hang out with your buddies in a group chat, yeah you can send somebody a link to a video.

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