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Tells the story of how Afghanistan brought the United States to this place in time after nearly 60 years of American policy in Eurasia - of its complex multiethnic culture, its deep rooting in mystical Zoroastrian and Sufi traditions and how it has played a pivotal role in the rise and fall of empires.Invisible History, Afghanistan’s Untold Story provides the sobering facts and details that every American should have known about America’s secret war, but were never told. fought on the side of extremist-political Islam from Pakistan during the 1980s and against it from Afghanistan since September 11, 2001.The Russians did nothing to stop this vibrant private enterprise.”, a spokeswoman for and defender of the Taliban and niece to former CIA Director Richard Helms, went so far as to suggest that educating women was a communist plot, claiming that any Afghan woman who could read had to be a communist, because only the communists had educated women.After the American invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001, Wali was outraged by this Taliban mentality, which she saw creeping into the American-installed Afghan leadership with the blessing of the American government. “What is it we have done to you, to deserve this invasion?Instead he found that “negotiated settlement” was only a fig leaf for escalating the war.

because she was not the kind of Afghan woman the mainstream media and their establishment backers wanted you to know about. Congress, the State Department, and the United Nations.In an Thirty-four years ago in May, I stood before the irate Afghan press officer for the communist government in Kabul as he threw a copy of The New York Times onto his desk. ” he demanded, pointing to an article by Leslie Gelb, titled “ What Gelb, the former Jimmy Carter administration’s assistant secretary of state, had disclosed had angered the Foreign Ministry’s press secretary, Roshan Rowan, and he was holding me, an American, responsible. ”I didn’t need to rely on The New York Times to tell me what was going on in Afghanistan.As the first American journalist to risk the wrath of the Ronald Reagan administration, with its newly installed neoconservative foreign policy, by bringing a in 1981, I was one of only a handful of Americans who knew the score.The New York Times needs to get its mission straight, lest it sacrifice its credibility to the very thing it claims to stand against.Left-wing Afghan communists cannot be magically transformed into right-wing Pakistani Taliban.

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