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Both Paul Greengrass and Jimmy Mc Govern have used this new evidence in their films, as well as that previously denied by the British government and the army.(Some of the family testimonies are collected in Eamonn Mc Cann’s book , published in 1992 by Brandon Books, Dingle). He then repeats them in the context of the inquiry, chaired by Lord Widgery, which the British government called to exonerate the army.He then escaped Utoya Island, outside of Oslo, and sadistically murdered dozens upon dozens of teenagers at a rally for the Labor Youth Party. He directed the Best Picture nominated about the 9/11 attacks as told from the perspective of the passengers on the doomed Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania after they overpowered some of their terrorist kidnappers.He was arrested and sentenced to a depressingly meagre 21 years after his untold depths of evil and cruelty. In an unnamed film, Greengrass will give a dramatic account of the far-right Norwegian terrorist Andres Behring Breivik, who in 2011 murdered 77 people in his native country before being arrested.Greengrass’ picture landed at Netflix after a bidding war that includes Scott Rudin, Greg Goodman, and Eli Bush as produers.He said: “Nobody demonstrates the vibrancy and creative spirit of British filmmaking better than tonight’s BFI Fellowship Honouree, Paul Greengrass.“When I saw Bloody Sunday for the first time, I could talk of little else in the days after and each time I see one of Paul’s movies I’m compelled to want to learn much more about the subjects he deals with.

Jimmy Mc Govern’s , written and directed by Paul Greengrass, was shown on ITV1 and has been given a limited cinema release.The army’s response was deliberately confrontational. Derry’s Chief Constable, Royal Ulster Constabulary Chief Superintendent Frank Lagan, argued that the march should proceed to prevent further disturbances.The army insisted the march should not be allowed to reach its proposed destination, Guildhall Square, in the city centre.It's scheduled to hit cinemas in March 2010 but we thought you might enjoy this sneak preview...Paul Greengrass (The Theory of Flight) wrote and directed this powerful look at January 30, 1972 -- better known as "Bloody Sunday." Ivan Cooper (James Nesbitt) attempts to organize a peaceful protest after Protestant leaders imprison Catholics without a trial.

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