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Yeatman was coaching his daughter's team while the victim's husband was the coach of the opposing squad.

Yeatman approached the victim after the match to try and clear the air, explaining that he had nothing to do with the decision as to whether or not Masterson or his show would suffer as a result of the scandal.

The Church responded by having multiple members file reports declaring her a liar while Masterson's own publicist disputed the woman's claims in a previous story from reporter Yashar Ali.

'Her claims coming after almost 16 years were surprising and shocking to say the least,' said Jenni Weinman at the time.

And she accessorized the look with a chunky gold necklace and had a white purse slung over her shoulder.

'The Church of Scientology has no practice or policy forbidding the reporting of criminal wrongdoing allegedly committed by Scientologists or anyone else, nor does the Church expel, let alone punish, members to report crimes,' said a spokesperson in a statement.

Soon after the Yeatman story was published, his wife Lilly sent a letter from her Disney work account to the victim's husband blasting the woman for entrapping her husband.

Netflix later confirmed that this exchange did happen, saying Yeatman's remarks 'were careless, uninformed and do not represent the views of the company.'Yeatman was unaware that the woman was an alleged victim when she approached him.

The pair did not speak again until after the match.

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