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You see, it's not what "caused" the breakup that matters so much as what happens AFTER the breakup. You were convinced he was captivated by you - maybe even falling in love with you. and thinking about what happened during your last encounter with him, looking for clues about what might have led to your breakup.

But suddenly, just when you started feeling more secure than ever, something changed with him. You felt abandoned - and you start asking yourself question after question. You say to yourself, "If only I could understand why he left me, I could fix it." Then, when you can't find anything you did wrong, you begin to think the problem might be HIM.

"Maybe he has intimacy issues." "Maybe he's met someone else." Then, you might even consult with your friends, and together, you speculate about why he suddenly seems indifferent and distant. or you just want to prevent it from happening to you in the future -- this may be the most important article you'll ever read!

You might even devise all kinds of ways to put yourself in his path or to get him to call you -- but nothing works. do you go on hopelessly wishing he'll come back to you, while feeling hurt and broken-hearted -- or just forget about him and chalk him up as "the man who got away? When a man leaves a relationship, and the woman wonders where she went wrong, and tries desperately to get him back, that's actually a common pattern I've seen all too often in man-woman relationships.

But before I reveal the "remedy" -- or the absolute best game plan to bring back your man -- I'm going to ask you to take part in the fun and eye-opening 7-second pop quiz below. Express your heartfelt emotions and get him to open up and talk about his feelings C.

If a man with whom you've recently had a good relationship suddenly loses interest in you -- and you sense that he's beginning to pull away from you -- which of the following frequently used strategies do you think is the best thing you can do to get him back? Remind him of all the good times you've had together, and what you think went wrong in your relationship, and to make your relationship better. Give him gifts and shower him with sweetness and love -- so he'll realize what he's missing by not having you in his life D.

Here's the Mistake Many Women Make When Trying to Get Their Man Back In over 20 years that I've been a therapist and relationship coach, I've found that most women do not know how to win back a man who has lost interest in them. By far, the most common mistake a woman makes when trying to get a man back is this: Women use strategies that work on women - but not on men. Men respond to things differently than women -- and they're not hardwired to understand feelings the way women are.

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Don't wait until your man has moved on in his life without you and shut you out of his heart forever. When you follow my game plan exactly as prescribed, it is highly likely that he'll come running back to you. Their relationship is going beautifully for a few months when, out of the blue, Martin tells her that he isn't ready to get married -- and he stops seeing her.Not knowing what else to do, she gives him an ultimatum, "You have to choose -- it's either them or me." He replies that he isn't ready to date her exclusively. This is an example of not knowing how or when to give an ultimatum -- that's why it backfired on her.So then I show Heather my proven system and she immediately begins puts the system into practice. Greg doesn't even call her -- and that makes her think he probably just wants to play the field, and doesn't want to be tied down to one woman.True story - with all names and identifying details changed. She didn't know that Greg was also dating 2 other women besides her.One day, Greg tells her up front about the other women -- and Heather is shocked and dismayed, because she's been dating him exclusively and thought the exclusivity was mutual.

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