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Patronus: Crane Boggart: Herself betraying her siser House: Gryffindor Grades: Outstandings in DADA, but Exeeds Expectations and Acceptables in other subjects Wand: Oak wood, infusion of Manticore hair and Phoenix tail feather as a core, 12 1/2 inches Favorite Color: Green Hobbies: Meditation Prefect: NOHead Girl: NOQudditch: No Dating: Is oblivious to the dating world and Marisol plans for it to stay that way xx XAussie Girl Xxx death is upon us Name : Katherine Nickname: kat Race: hybrid wicth is a later comer to hogwarts Sex: female Look Background she has been on the run with her parents all her life and finally the people caught up she doesn't have a big back ground Persanilty rude sarcastic mean to people she hates she also is protective Other: kat has all of the elements powers and more Approved by Phoenix Lia Knight Crimson Ranger Fan First Name: Elizabeth Middle Name: Lily Last Name: Potter Age: 13Family: Harry Potter (brother), Sirius Black (godfather), Lily Evans (mother, deceased), James Potter (father, deceased), Dursleys (relatives)Bio: Same thing as Harry's past Personality: friendly, hyper, energetic, caring, supportive, encouraging, sweet Height: 5'2"Gender: Female Build: Skinny House: Gryffindor Grades: Average Wand Wood: Vine Wand Core: Unicorn hair Wand Length: 14 1/2Favorite Color: pink Hobbies: writing in her diary, reading, Quidditch Perfert: Head boy or Head girl: Quidditch: Yes, chaser Dating: Michael Corner Benjamin.

Awes First Name: Benjamin Middle Name: Jacob Last Name: Awes Age: 18Family: Sister, Brother Bio: Parents died at a young age he has lived at the same orphanage for 11 years.

Must be 5th year)Head boy or Head girl: ( must be 7th year)Quidditch: ( yes or no. Due to the discovery of her specialties, Salem sends her to different schools to different teachers to train her. Her relationship with Marisol is very close, they are practically best friends, despite the age gap Personality: She is very much like Marisol, just with a better sense of humor and more outgoing. However, she's extremely loyal to her friends and family and will do anything to protect them Height: 5'2Gender: Female Physical Features: she's like Marisol's twin: Dark brown hair (almost black) with ombre highlights, hazel eyes, a bit on the round side, long hair.

If so, what position)Dating: asamismatch Full name: Clarice Helen Chanson Age: 12Family: Muggle parents and Marisol as a sister Bio: Like Marisol, she's a witch. She wears dark green button downs with black leggings most of the time.

As such he has horrible social skills if stuck in a conversation and takes every phrase or event too far.

Low self-esteem masked with apathetic indifference. Gets attached to things too easily and is fearful of falling in love.

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She is technically a 4th year but it is her first year at Hogwarts, what is usually 4th year but she did Study at Drumstrang. Liam's father, Mircea Bonafaire, is a famous fashion designer. His little sister, Rachael Bonafaire,is 2 months old.Biography: Attended first year at Hogwarts in 1989, Year of the Dragon. Announces someone's death BEFORE they die and it comes true shortly after.Placed under survaliance, students call him Gray Corpse.Later found by his housemates napping in the library with morbid books about him.-the fact that he appears pretty like a girl and creepily at ease with dark literature earns him the name Pretty Dead Boy, by his fellow Slytherins. befriends the Ravenclaw Bradley, but recoils friendship when student rumor about his sexuality.

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