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If she had I would have acted on it.’ However, coroner Geoff Fell concluded ‘it was inconceivable she didn’t raise her concerns’, especially as she was a ‘communicator’ in her job.Recording a narrative verdict, Mr Fell concluded Mrs Cain’s symptoms at the clinic were ‘indicative of DVT’ but ‘went unrecognised’, resulting in a ‘failure to receive appropriate medical treatment’.home london bar guide rest of the uk famous belgians glossary links Any up-to-date info will be gratefully received.Please email me with details of additions or inaccuracies.

Their range includes Westmalle, Rochefort, Arabier and Liefmans Goudenband.

Mrs Cain was taking a contraceptive pill called Dianette which carries a ‘significant’ risk of DVT and the inquest was told this ‘must have been a factor’ in her developing the condition.

After looking at the NHS Direct website Mrs Cain ‘was convinced it was DVT’.

‘She called me as soon as she came out,’ said Mr Cain.

‘She was in tears saying that the nurse had “fobbed her off”.

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