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I still loved my work, but I slowly realized that it wasn’t going to find me love.

I started going out to the clubs and bars, but that seemed like a dangerous road: I still had not found my outlet and I didn’t want alcohol to ‘find me’.

But then one day, I had a note from someone I had not seen before.

Not knowing where to start, I decided to check out an online dating site.

I couldn’t believe I was resorting to a personals site, but at least this way I didn’t have to get dressed and spend (waste? The site was offering a ‘free trial’, but you still needed a credit card to prove you were of legal age.

He said, “Listen kid: you are going to get a lot of advice over the next few years from these guys.

Some of it will be good; some won’t be worth a shit.

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    It says it's German but yeah I just checked it out and my profile's buzzing with activity which makes it seem to good to be true, they let u ask questions and when u get the answers back u can't read them till u pay of course along with everything else remotely relevant.

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