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My beliefs are that the truth is a truth until you organize it, and then it becomes a lie.

I don't think that Jesus was teaching Christianity, Jesus was teaching kindness, love, concern, and peace.

I'd offer you a Dyer quote Hope can not be "gone forever" if you're already connected to it.

I think we all forget what we are connected to from time to time..at least I know that I have to remind myself to only focus on what I want to manifest.

I was confronted with another huge shift in my life that took much more of the breath out of me than my heart attack. Im learning what it means to have someone you love very much leave you." Source h t t p // Toni Collins (Catholic music expert) made this statement "Clear-thinking people might ask for some proof that Dr. I know Dyer talks about how he used this bad experience as the basis for his Power of Intenion book, but my heart would be broken - especially after that much history and 7 children. Recently Toni Collins (Catholic music expert) made this statement "Clear-thinking people might ask for some proof that Dr. Fearful of God, fearful of another path to God other than the Catholic Church.

I find myself unable to focus on anything but the loss. knowing they will still be part of each others lives because of their son -- but they won't be part of each others daily life.

His self-made man success story was a part of his appeal.

Dyer told readers to pursue self actualization, calling reliance on the self a guide to "religious" experience, and suggested that readers emulate Jesus Christ, whom he termed both an example of a self-actualized person and a "preacher of self-reliance".

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He pursued an academic career, published in journals, and established a private therapy practice. John's, which focused on positive thinking and motivational speaking techniques, attracted many students.

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