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Hubert is deeply angered that his father makes the decision, since Hubert only sees his father at Christmas and Easter.At the Catholic boarding school, Hubert meets Eric, with whom he has an affair.The two fight and, in the morning, she sends Hubert back to the boarding school.Back at school, Hubert is beaten by two fellow students.

Hubert's father invites him over for a visit; however, once there, Richard and Chantale tell Hubert they've decided to send him to a boarding school in Coaticook.One morning, as his mother drives him to school, Hubert starts an argument with her about her applying makeup while driving.The argument ends when Chantale stops the car and tells him to walk to school.Eric invites Hubert to go to a nightclub with the other students, where they kiss and Hubert takes speed.He takes the Metro home, wakes his mother, and has an emotional conversation with her.

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